China CST Cargo Co., Ltd

Date: 17th February 2016
hanjin shipping container tracking HANJIN Marine Transportation

  As the largest shipping company in South Korea and one of the largest ones in the world, HANJIN is a fleet consisting of

more than 200 container ships, bulk cargo ships and liquid natural gas ships. It operates more than 60 regular and irregular

voyage lines around the world and conveys over 100 million ton cargos to the world.
HANJIN Marine Transportation established the world largest strategic alliance “CKYH” with COCSON, YANMING and KLINE as

early as 2003. The establishment of it has expanded the business scope of HANIN Marine Transportation. It can share ship

spaces with allies by providing direct transport service, in order to reduce the operation cost.
 The voyage lines acted by CST:
Middle East: the closing date and opening date of Yantian are Thursday and Friday respectively and it travels to JEBEL ALIH—

BANDA ABBAS—DAMMAN directly and get access to RIYADH, SHARJAH, KUWAIT, ABU DHABI, UMM QASR, BAHRAIN, DOHA and other transfer

points in Middle East.
The ship space is 800-1000TUE each month with sufficient ship space and favorable price. 14-day free stacking of destination

port can be applied. The bill of lading can be obtained on the second day after sailing;
The Red Sea: the closing date and opening date of SHEKOU are on Monday and Wednesday respectively and it directly travels to

Australia: the closing date and opening date of SHEKOU are on Thursday and Friday respectively and it shares ship space with

YML. It directly travels to SYDNEY, MELBOURN and BRISBANE;
South Africa: it directly travels to DURBAN, CAPE TOWN, JOHANNESBURG on Thursday and shares ship space with PIL.