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Date: 17th February 2016
ems international express mail EMS International Express

  Global EMS business(EMS International Express)is the special post business launched by the post office of each country.

EMS International Express business has the preferred discretion in the post office of each country, customs, aviation

department, etc. It delivers the international emergency letter, document data, financial bill, sales sample, and various

documents data and items for the customers in high speed and high quality, with the strong customs clearance capacity. EMS

International Express does not charge the fuel surcharge and calculate the volume weigh. The charging is calculated according

to the actual weight.
It should be subject to the customs clearance generated in detailed. For different country and different product, the

charging standard is different (in general, the high declared value will generate the higher tariff. If the declared value is

quite different from the actual value, it will generate the higher tariff).