China CST Cargo Co., Ltd

Date: 17th February 2016
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The most economy price for taking off from Shenzhen & Guangzhou, Daily flight to Shanghai, transferiring from Shanghai to  
ORD on week 1,3,4,6 that can make sure of space. Provide excellent trunking service from ORD to other area of America.
2)  CAN-LAX B777F cargo chartered plane service: CAN-LAX-OTHERS
    Direct flight to LAX on week 1,4,6 with economy price, Provide excellent trunking service from LAX to other area of

3)  CAN-FRA B777F cargo chartered plane service: CAN-FRA-OTHERS
 Since 2013-7-24, Direct flight to FRA on week 1,3,5 with Abundant shipping space and stable delivery time for low cost.

Provide excellent  
trunking service from FRA to other area of Europe.
4)  CAN-DAC B777F cargo airplane service: CAN-DAC
  Flight direct to DAC with low freight and stable scheduel on every SUN. 
Special  articles and package requirements:
1)  UN38.3 and 1.2m dropping report have to be submitted for the goods with battery  in order to be stored in the warehouse;
2)  Tray must be made for the cargo with the single weight more than 80KG. All the  cargos shall be packed with “cross” or

“double-cross” packing string; 
3)  The dimension of the cargo passing the security inspection machine can  not be longer than 300CM; the width shall be

controlled within 150CM while the  height in 180CM. As for the cargo with width longer than 150CM but less than  228CM and

the height longer than 180CM but less than 243CM, they shall be  warehoused for 33 hours. The single cargo with weight

reaching or heavier than  1500KG shall also be warehoused for 33hours.